Meet your Big Game PH

At the age of 5 years, he shot his first Kudu bull, after that he was hooked.

Professional Hunter, Lwyk Jansen van Vuuren was born and raised in Namibia, South-West Africa. At the age of 5 years, he shot his fist Kudu bull, after that he was hooked. At the age of 22, he became a Professional Hunter to live his dream.

Being raised on a ranch he had the opportunity to be surrounded by nature everyday and all day. The native Africans on the ranch taught him soon to track, skin and everything about the bush. They taught him what to eat and what not to, never knew how important all this would be to him someday.

Today he looks back and say, “thanks guys. What you have taught me had made me a successful Professional Hunter”.


About Us

In 2007 L’wyk married Julene, both born in Namibia and raised in Namibia. 

Lwyk always knew since a young age that he wants to become a Professional Hunter and he is one of the best in Namibia by far. Why?  Because he goes the extra mile for all his clients and most of their clients are returning clients.

Julene is the heart of the company, she does most of the bookings, marketing and cooking for Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris. It is nice to have her on the team, because she cooks an African cuisine that will make your mouth water for more!  She also does all the butchery work with her team so what you shoot you will have for supper.

They also have a Ranch Manager, Desmond.  He helps basically with everything on the ranch and also does most of the photographic safaris in Namibia for Leopard Legend Safaris clients.

Their main aim is to ensure a successful safari full of memorable experiences created by their well knowledge team of professionals. It is not just a hunt being offered but an unforgettable adventure and experience at Leopard Legend Hunting Safari.

L’wyk and Julene with their 2 kids, Sume and Luka would like to welcome you to Lodge Lukara to become not friends, but lifelong friends.

Contact us if you would like to know more about hunting in Namibia and also should you wish a reference list of previous clients.