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Cameroon and Congo Hunting with Leopard Legend Hunting Safaris 2


African exotic plains game hunts are a bit different than your standard plains game hunts.  The animals that are targeted on these specialty hunts are either rarer or more difficult to access than the more common plains game animals such as those taken on a typical plains game hunting safari to South Africa or Namibia. The fees to hunt these animals and their trophy fees tend to run higher than your normal everyday plains game prices.

Many times, planning African exotic plains game hunts will require a hunter to travel to countries that are somewhat off of the beaten path.  Take the bongo for instance, which many hunters revere as the most beautiful and sought after of the spiral horned antelopes of Africa.  Hunting bongo requires a trip to places like the rain forests of Cameroon, or the Congo – Brazzaville.  No matter which of these exotic destinations a hunter chooses to pursue his bongo, he and his hunting party are sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime.

Lord derby eland (also known as Giant Eland) make the list of exotic plains game hunts too.  Hunted primarily on the Savannas of Cameroon and the Central African Republic, these magnificent animals are also members of the 9 spiral-horned animals of Africa.

L’wyk has very successful experience in hunting both these species with my clients in the past and also the dangerous game species that these magnificent countries offer like the Savanah Buffalo and Dwarf Forrest Buffalo.

GPS Coordinates
S 19 53.502’
E 014.58.406′

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