Hunting: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

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Hunting: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

During this past month, we've spoken a great deal about conservation and ethics in Hunting. The truth is that Hunting and all the issues involved in that process are extremely split in terms of opinion. With people on both sides of any issue, it can be hard to discern what is fact and what is simply another story. In reality people (often uninformed people) regularly voice opinions and back them up by false information. It is easy to see that they do this to win over another person to their side of the argument. But when someone does this, an even deeper underlying question to ask is: "According to whom?"

It is naturally easy to get behind ideas such as the Namibian Conservancy Model, but when it comes to more grey areas such as Captive Bred Lions, Technology use, ethics, etc... it becomes significantly harder to see any other opinion over your own. Let's use the idea of ethics as an example.

When discussing ethics, one might think of issues like respecting the animal and fair chase. But then there might be a person that says the simple use of a long range scope is in opposition to the idea of fair chase. Before the animal even has an idea that there are people nearby, you already have it lined up in your sights. For another person, however, using a long range scope has to do with being able to dispatch the animal as quickly and painlessly as possible. So is the use of a long range scope unethical? Once again the deeper question is: "According to whom?"

Ultimately we all have a choice. In a world where ethics can mean very different things to very different people, it is important for you and me to be certain about what we believe to be right. We have to choose where we will draw the line. But, just as we have a choice, the people that do not share our views also have a choice to do that. It is our duty to be respectful of other's opinions and to bring the facts. It is the spreading of false information that has undoubtedly lead to the reputation of the hunting industry today.

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